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Basic Information:

The offender must be convicted of a crime that is by its nature a sexual offense, such as:


The Cook County Sheriffs Department provides the sex offender registry website to the public and is not responsible for, and expressly disclaims all liablity for, damages of any kind arising out of use, reference to, or reliance on any information contained within the site. While the information contained within the site changes constantly, no guarantee is given that the information provided in this We site is correct, complete, and up-to-date.

In relation to crimes where the victim is a minor, O.C.G.A. 42-1-12 includes the following offenses under (a)(4)(A):

In order for an offender to qualify for registration in the state of Georgia, the offender must either be released from prison or placed on probation, parole or supervised release after July 1, 1996. If an offender who is registered in another state moves to Georgia, the offender is required to register in the state of Georgia.

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Joel Adkinson Jr. M 1977 Statutory Rape 701 Brushy Creek Dr,
Sparks, GA
Tat / Both Arms Joel Adkinson
Nathan J Booth M 1986 Sexual Battery 1299 Judge Lott Rd, Lenox, GA Tat / Both Arms & Rt Leg Nathan J. Booth
  Jeremy Brown M 1974 Child Molestation 97 Fulghum Lane,
Sparks, GA
SC / Rt / Eye Jeremy Brown
  Dale Browning M 1970 Child Molestation 100-B West 9th St,
Adel, GA
Tat / Rt / Wrs Dale Browning
TOP Terry Ray Bruner M 1954 Aggravated Child Molestation 368 Springhill Rd, Adel, GA Tat / Lft Shldr Terry Burner
  Charles D. Bryant
M 1970 Indecent Assault Victim Minor Cook County Jail,
Adel, GA
Tat / Lft / Arm Charles David Bryant
  Warren Lee Buchanan M 1990 Statutory Rape 176 Debbie Drive
Adel, GA
  Demarrow A. Byron
M 1983 Statutory Rape 603 Sycamore Dr
Sparks, GA
SC / Lft / Eye Demarrow Byron
Warren W. Califf M 1969 Child Molestation 141 Wetherington St
Cecil, GA
SC / Rt / Wrt Warren W. Califf
  Melvin Clark Jr. M 1942 Incest 390 Springhill Road,
Sparks, GA
Tat / Back / Shldr / Chest / missing finger on Rt Hand Melvin Clark Jr.
TOP Willie J. Cooper M 1972

Child Molestation

311 1st St,
Sparks, GA

Tat / Rt Shldr / Lft Arm / Chest Willie Cooper
  Brandon Creasy M 1984 Child Molestation 5292 Futch Rd, Hahira, GA None Brandon Creasy
  Brandi Leigh Creasy F 1982 Child Molestation 5292 Futch Rd, Hahira, GA Scar / Lft / Hand & Wrist Brandi Harpe Creasy
  Kenneth Covington
M 1975 Rape 2254 Hutchinson Parrish Rd
Adel, GA
None Kenneth Covington
Eugene Dillard M 1942 Rape 706 North Parrish Ave Adel, GA SC/ Lft Shldr Eugene Dillard
  John Charles Drew M 1946 Child Molestation 144 Rivertrace Rd,
Hahira, Ga
Scar Rt Arm John Charles Drew
TOP Darrell Durr M 1964 Rape 89 Gallie Lissmore Rd, Adel, GA None Darrell Durr
Penny Ellerbee F 1960 Child Molestation 390 Springhill Rd,
Sparks, GA
None Penny Ellerbee
TOP James Fiveash Jr M 1966 Aggravated Assault Rape, Child Molestation 702 Kennedy Drive
Adel, GA
Tat / Chest and Arms James Fiveash Jr
  Ronald C. Fletcher M 1980 Child Molestation 209 Devane Street,
Adel, GA
Tat /Lft Arm Ronald C. Fletcher
  Jeffery Franklin Sr M 1964 Child Molestation 321 Steven Lane
Adel, GA
None Jeffery Franklin Sr
Monteia Rashodd Grant M 1989 Child Molestation 709 Brushy Creek Rd Lot 2, Sparks, GA Tat / Rt / Arm
  Dayton W. Griffin M 1979 Statutory Rape 992 Lakeview Church Rd Lenox, GA NM/ Lft / Wrist Sc Lft Arm Dayton Griffin
  Todd E. Griffith M 1983 Sex Offense 303 E. Meeting St , Adel,GA Tat / Full Body Todd E. Griffith
  David Charles Gross
M 1991 Sexual Battery 14 Wilbur Lane, Adel, GA Scr / Lft Hand - Tat / Chest & both Arms David Charles Gross
  James E. Gunter M 1955 Solicit Sodomy of a Minor 410 Wildwood Drive, Adel, GA Tat / Lft / Arm James Gunter
TOP Jessie Gunter M 1956 Aggravated Assault w / Int to Rape 163 S. Bobby St, Lenox, GA Tat / Rt Shldr Jessie Gunter
  Alton Haggins M 1958 Agg Assault With Intent To Rape 761 S. Broad St
Lenox, GA
None Alton Haggins
Todd A. Higham
M 1963 Sexual Assault-Person Custody 1117 Debbie St , Adel, GA Scar / Rt Inner Arm Tat / Lft Inner Arm Todd Avery Higham
  Devonte T. Hooks
M 1994 Sexual Battery Cook County Jail,
Adel, GA
Tat / Rt / Arm Devonte Hooks
  David Edward Huff M 1985 Statutory Rape 302 West 7th St, Adel, Ga Tat / Lft / Shldr David Edward Huff
Frantz Jeanvalias Jr M 1984 Child Molestation 145 N. Union Rd Lot 9,
Lenox, Ga
None Frantz Jeanvalias Jr
  Charles Roy Jobe M 1988 Child Molestation 2 Counts 111 Janet St
Sparks, GA
Tat/ Lft & Rt Arms, Lft Hand
Scar / Rt eye & shldr
Charles Roy Jobe
TOP Lorenza Jones
M 1950 Sexual Battery 125 Washington St Sparks, GA
SC/ Abdom Lorenza Jones
Antonio Keeley
M 1969 Enticing Child-Indecent Purpose Cook County Jail,
Adel, Ga
Tat Chest Antonio Keeley
  William Jim (Buddy) Lashley M 1937 Child Molestation 1383 Ga Hwy 76 West,
Adel, Ga
Tat Rt & Lt Arms Bubby Lashley
Arnold Tacco Martinez M 1969 Crim Sexual Cond Aslt With Intent 78 Smokeywood Ln, Adel, GA Tat R Shld / Left Leg Arnold T. Martinez
  Daryl W. McCollister M 1954 Statutory Rape 11cts 180 Giddens Rd Hahira, GA None Daryl McCollister
TOP Jasmin G. McCormick M 1980 Sexual Exploitation Of Children 808 Ben St, Adel, GA

Tat Chest

Jasmin McCormick
  Dwight Pendell McDuffie M 1967 Aggravated Sexual Battery 204 ½ Gay Ave
Sparks, GA
Scr / Abd
Tat Both Arms
Dwight McDuffie
  Dustin A. Michalski M 1984 Sexual Assault on Child 4654 Hwy 37 West, Adel, GA Tat / Lft side of Neck
  Brandon Jarod Miller M 1980 Obscene Material / Minor Sexual Act 302 Broadlead Lane Lot #2,
Sparks, GA
Scr / Rgt Face Brandon  Jarod Miller
  Joseph Daniel Mixon M 1986 Statutory Rape 282 Wetherington St,
Cecil, GA
Tat Both Arms / Back Joseph Daniel Mixon
  Curtis E. Moore M 1967 Attempt to Commit Child Molestation 30 Denese St
Adel, GA
Tat / Both Arms Curtis Moore
  Roger Earl Nielsen
M 1962 Aggravated Child Molestation 30 Stephen William Ln,
Adel, GA
Scar Head Roger Earl Nielsen
Chavis Paige M 1986 Child Molestation 205 E. 16th St
Adel, GA
None Chavis Paige
TOP Terrell Chase Powell
M 1982 Sexual Exploitation 44 Cowart Dr BL#14
Adel, GA
Tat / Rt Bicep Scar forehd Terrell C. Powell
William C. Ramey M 1968 Lewd Lascivious Molestation U16 2ct 806 Register Rd,
Adel, GA
None William Ramey
  John W. Roberts M 1947 Kidnapping of a Minor 242 D Street,
Cecil, GA
  Larry L. Roberts M 1949 Child Molestation 514 W. 3rd St,
Adel, GA
None Larry Roberts
Ronald W. Shelton M 1960 Indecent Liberty With A Minor 292 Stripling Lane,
Adel, Ga
None Ronald W. Shelton
  Wayne Stalvey M 1949 Child Molestation 845 WD Stalvey Rd. Adel, GA Scar / Lft / Arm Wayne Stalvey
TOP Gregory Sumner
M 1965 Child Molestation 525 Willis Lane Sparks, GA None Gregory Sumner
TOP William F. Taylor M 1938 Child Molestation 1304 Gray Rd, Adel, GA Scar / Lft / Leg William F. Taylor
  Mickey Dewayne Tuggle M 1978 Statutory Rape 1185 Browning Rd.
Adel, GA
Tat /Rt/ Arm Mickey D. Tuggle
Carl M. Vick M 1955 Indecent Exposure to Minors 2205 Antioch Greggs Road, Adel, GA Scar / Lft / Shldr Carl Vick
William L. Walls M 1959 Lewd/Lasc Acts on Child U 16 500 W. 6th St,
Adel, GA
None William Lee Walls
  Eddie James Walton M 1958 Child Molestation 104 MLK Dr
Adel, GA
None Eddie James Walton
  James F. Weaver M 1960  Aggravated Child Molestation 30 D Street
Adel, GA
Tat / R / Arm Jamse F Weaver
  Leroy Whitaker
M 1948 Criminal Attempt To Commit Rape 417 North Elm Street, Adel, Ga Sc R Chk Leroy Whitaker
  Richard Marshall White
M 1984 Statutory Rape Homeless,
Lenox, GA 31637
Tat / Both Arms Both Legs Richard White
TOP William R. Wilcox M 1970 Child Molestation 30 Denese St, Adel, GA Sc / Face William Wilcox
  Leroy Gordon Willis M 1975 Child Molestation 211 E. 7th St, Adel, GA None Leroy Gordon Willis
  Jerrid Ray Wyatt M 1983 Indecent Contact W/Child 4535 Futch Rd, Hahira, GA Tat / Back Jerrid Ray Wyatt
John L. Zachery M 1959 Aggravated Child Molestation 706 Brushy Creek Dr, Sparks, GA Scr / Abd John L. Zachery

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